January 6, 2016


You do not know the steps for setting up an LTD and where to submit the required documents? Do you have any difficulties in establishing a company? Do you need relevant information or support for establishing a business?

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In order to perform acts of commerce, individuals and legal persons may associate and establish companies under the provisions of Law 31/1990 in regards to commercial entities, amended and supplemented. The companies will be established in one of the following forms:

  1. a) general partnership;
  2. b) limited partnership;
  3. c) joint-stock company;
  4. d) company limited by shares
  5. e) a limited liability company.

What documents are required for setting up an LLC?

In order to establish a company and create a file needed at the Trade Registry the following documents should be provided:

– 3-5 possible names of the company in the willing order to be checked by the Trade Registry, one of which to be reserved;

– I.D. associate or associates;

– Documents of the place considered headquarter and neighbors approval if applicable;

– Authorized signature sample of the administrator or administrators.

What are the steps for setting up a business and where to submit the required documents?

In order to establish a Limited Liability Company you need to address to the Trade Registry at the Tribunal where future head quarter of the company will be established, and consists in submitting the necessary documents and completing forms, statements and tax vector, respectively.

  1. The first step to be followed is obtaining the reservation name of the company at the Trade Registry.
  2. The company’s documentation will be drawn:

– Incorporation document;

– Loan or lease contract for the office used as headquarter.

  1. The statements on own responsibility given in front of a lawyer or notary, for fulfilling the legal conditions as being associate and/or administrator will be perfected;
  2. The submission of minimum capital stock at one of the choosen banks which will issue a payment sheet that will be featured at the Trade Registry. In case the associate / associates will not be able to submit the shared capital, this may be done by other legally empowered person;
  3. The forms, statements and tax vector will be filled as appropriate for the Trade Registry.

How much time it will take the company’s documents to be issued by the Trade Registry?

When all these documents are completed, the file will be registered at the Trade Registry, and the company’s documents will be issued at least 3 working days afterwards.

We handle all of these! In addition you receive the necessary consultancy throughout the entire file registering process for the Trade Registry.