January 6, 2016


Have you wondered how to open an association or the procedure of establishing a NGO? Do you want to have different activities in an organized form?

Activiyati ONRC Properconsultancy

The Association / Non Governamental Organization is established by three or more individuals called founder members, who put together without the right to restitution the material contribution, their knowledge or their work contribution in fulfilling activities with non-economic interest. Initial patrimony of the association is in amount of at least a minimum gross salary and will be paid by the founders.

What are the required documents for establishing an NGO?

The documents needed to obtain legal status of an Association are:

– Identity card of the founders -at least 3;

– Documents where the association headquarter will be established and the approval of neighbors (if applicable);

– Evidence of initial assets – minimum amount equal with a minimum 200 Lei;

– Tax certificate of founding members/fiscal certificate for legal entities, required at the term set by the Court on which jurisdiction is the headquarter of the Association.

What are the steps for setting up an NGO?

The operation for establishing an Association, representation and submitting the complete file to the empowered Court will be made exclusively by a lawyer.

  1. The first step that will be followed is obtaining the Association name availability at the Ministry of Justice;
  2. The Memorandum of Association and Statute will be drafted and will be certified by the lawyer;
  3. The initial patrimony will be submitted;
  4. The association incorporation form will be filled and the judiciary tax will be paid;
  5. The file and CD with Memorandum of Association and Statute will be submitted to the competent Court;
  6. Fiscal records of the founding members will be issued – should be available at the first deadline set by the Court;
  7. The documents of the established Association will be issued.

We handle all these! In addition you receive required consultancy throughout the file operations in order to be submitted to the competent Court.